Tolima won and left Millionaires without Copa Libertadores 2020


A single point of Tolima was enough for Millionaires to lose the illusion of qualifying for the Copa Libertadores; So Alberto Gamero's victory over Barranquilla Junior ended up ratifying what was expected to happen, the 'ambassador' team lost its place in the continental main event, facing 2020, and this place was taken by Sports Tolima

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The ‘vinotinto y oro’ is, for the moment, the absolute leader of the reclassification, so it takes the place of the team of the Colombian capital and must continue adding in the remainder of the home runs to ratify this first position that is also persecuted by Cali America, Atletico Nacional and Deportivo Cali.

However, not all is bad news for the albiazul team, which would have its place in the Copa Sudamericana, while the aforementioned four teams compete, from the home runs for the place in the Copa Libertadores, something that could be defined in recent dates or, even in the final, because if the leader of the reclassification is champion, his place in the Continental tournament will go to the second.

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At the moment, the only certain thing is that Tolima is the one that has added the most points during the year, which took three points ahead of America, six units to Atletico Nacional and eight points to Deportivo Cali, the only three that could match it and overcome it, as Pasto and Millionaires did not enter the home runs, while Junior, having been champion in the I-2019 League, already has its place in the 2020 edition of the tournament.

This is the reclassification table:

Tolima – 79 points.
Junior – 78 points.
Millionaires – 78 points.
America – 76 points.
Atletico Nacional – 73 points.
Deportivo Cali – 71 points.

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