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The president of U.S, Donald Trump, ruled out this Friday partially or completely eliminate those duty taxes to imports of products from China valued at least 360 billion dollars a year.


China advocates maintaining stable relations with the US

"TO China He would like there to be a reduction, but I have not agreed on anything (…). Frankly, they want to reach a agreement more than I want, "stressed the president Trump in statements to journalists.

The US president said that China would be interested in a reduction partial of duty, instead of the complete elimination of encumbrances, because Beijing "knows" that he would not be willing to reach that much.

Trump's statements about tariffs come after several days of speculation and reports on phase one of a trade agreement that the US president could sign in the coming weeks with his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping.

The spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce of China, Gao Feng, said yesterday in a press conference that the negotiating leaders of both sides agreed to withdraw the additional tariffs by stages, as progress is made to reach a final mechanism.

China and USA they reached a limited agreement during their thirteenth round of trade negotiations held at the beginning of last October, when the escalation of the confrontation between the two countries was paused.

From this understanding, the White House canceled a rate hike that it planned to apply as of October 21 on Chinese goods valued at 250 billion dollars a year, while the Asian giant agreed to buy US agricultural products. for 50 billion dollars.

According to an analysis released this week in the US He pointed out the urgency of also eliminating the taxes that were in force before what was agreed in that month.

According to the study, conducted by Tariffs Hurt the Heartland, US consumers and businesses disbursed a total of $ 38 billion in tariffs since the clashes with China began in February 2018 until last September.

In the last month, they paid a total of 7.1 billion dollars in tariffs, a record figure, of which 4.1 billion dollars correspond to the rates applied by Trump to Chinese imports.

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