Ubisoft raises hope for the upcoming announcement


With a new teaser Ubisoft has once again brought on Twitter the "Splinter Cell" -Protagonist Sam Fisher into conversation. Fans suspect that an announcement of a new game or possibly a guest appearance is imminent.

Splinter Cell: Ubisoft raises hope for the upcoming announcement

Ubisoft plays once more with the feelings of the "Splinter Cell" fans who have been waiting for years to announce a new spin off of the stealth action series.

Notes on new Splinter Cell

On Twitter, Ubisoft released Spain, a picture of serial hero Sam Fisher wearing his iconic night vision goggles. The picture was shared with the cryptic message that one has to understand the darkness in order to face it.

While some fans are already certain that the long-awaited announcement of a new part is approaching, other fans are still skeptical. Although there have been some hints in the past months, but not much tangible.

In a product description of a replica of night vision goggles, for example, a new game was mentioned. In addition, it was recently suggested that a VR game should be in development.

Incidentally, the image used for the tweet was used by Ubisoft last year in a trailer for "Ghost Recon Wildlands: The Call – Special Operation", in which Sam Fisher appeared as a guest character in the open-world shooter. Maybe Sam Fisher will also be seen as a guest character in "Ghost Recon Breakpoint".

On the subject: Splinter Cell: Twitter announcement was not serious fun, says Ubisoft

According to speculation, a new "Splinter Cell" could well be discussed in the context of Microsoft's upcoming event Xbox X019. The release of the latest teaser tweets a week before the event is at least suspicious. As soon as more details are known, we will let you know.

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