UEFA Champions League final can be played in the United States in the future


In 2016, Chile was champion of the Copa America Centenario in the United States. Specifically, at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, the same venue that could host, neither more nor less, than a UEFA Champions League final in the future.

This has been indicated by various reports in that country. For example, Morning Consult said that this call could occur in 2024 and stressed that UEFA is already in talks.

For its part, The Associated Press ruled out that it was in that season, since the next four locations are set. However, they stressed that the option is true for shortly thereafter.

Chile was the Copa America Centenario champion at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey, United States. Photo: Getty Images

The fact in Europe would not be new, since the Spanish Super Cup changed to format and will take four teams to Saudi Arabia in January.

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