University Angel Comizzo sent a message to River Plate shortly after the Copa Libertadores final | VIDEO | Argentina | Fox Sports | TyC | Decentralized Argentine Super League


If in Argentina we talk about archers identified with River plate, the name of Angel Comizzo It will be one of the first to appear. The exarker today is a technical Sports University and a few days from the end of the Copa Libertadores between River and Flamengo, the DT sent a message for its exequipo.

“We hope to see a good show. The best teams in South America will gather. They come to Peru and we want to enjoy it. It will be an intense match because of the way both teams have to play. Hopefully River plate go out champion ", he said, while showing a smile.

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It is not yet decided which scenarios they will choose to train so much River plate how Flamengo. The possibility of Matute for Argentines was discussed, however, it was not made official. A manager of Lima Alliance He indicated that communication is maintained with people from Flamengo.

The end of the Copa Libertadores 2019 will be played for the first time in a single neutral stadium match. Santiago was the chosen city, but due to the social problems the country is experiencing, it had to be changed to Lima.

Asuncion and Medellin were also candidates, but for various reasons and requests from the clubs, both cities were discarded, leaving Lima as the first option.

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