Venezuela denounces attempted coup against Evo Morales


The president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, denounced today before the world the attempted coup d'etat underway against the president of Bolivia, Evo Morales.

'All solidarity and support for our South Indian chief. We demand respect for the will of the Bolivian people who re-elected him as their president, 'Maduro said through a message on the social network Twitter.

Through the digital platform, the Minister for Indigenous Peoples of the Bolivarian nation, Aloha Nunez, also repudiated this fact against a progressive government that works for social equality; "Evo Morales, your fight is ours," he wrote.

After ignoring the electoral results of last October 20, in which the Bolivian president obtained more than 47 percent of the votes, compared to 36 percent of his rival Carlos Mesa, coup maneuvers promoted by violent sectors of right.

The destabilization and the existing chaos in Bolivia generate millions of losses to the country, as well as attacks on public institutions, actions that were denounced before the Organization of American States.

Last Wednesday, a shock group burned the headquarters of the Municipal Palace of Vinto, in the city of Cochabamba, and violently retained Mayor Patricia Arce, local authority elected by the Movement to Socialism.

Given this situation, the Bolivian head of state called on Saturday a national dialogue with all sectors of the nation, with the purpose of reaching an agreement to defend peace and democracy.

Morales reiterated his call for peaceful mobilization and urged to reject acts of hatred, racism, as well as discrimination, registered in the country in recent days, against people with indigenous traits.

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