Victor Guzman would discard Europe to sign with Chivas


Chivas He finally accepted reality. Return Jose Juan Macias It became a trauma for the Tapatia squad. Time passed and the Mexican striker increased his level, thereby also increasing his desire to go to Europe and not to step on Verde Valley again.

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The reasons can be many but beyond regretting, the Sacred Flock directive has already begun negotiations with Pachuca Group to agree on the type of transfer by the 20-year-old attacker.

One of the names that most sounds like currency of exchange for JJ Macias is Victor Guzman. And in an interview for Fox Sports, the midfielder is aware that the next step must be Europe. but in case it does not materialize, he accepted that he would certainly like to return to the place where he was born as a soccer player.

“(Going to Europe or going to Chivas) would be a matter of talking first with the president (Jesus Martinez), that he and I are already in an agreement. I might go to Europe, it is my dream and it is a goal; but if it is not at the time the most convenient and the opportunity of Chivas is presented, I would leave, ”said the Pocho during the talk.

The thrill of Victor Guzman for defending the Rojiblancos colors is such that he even compared Chivas with being in Mexican team.

“It's a lie that a player tells you that he wouldn't want to play in Chivas, because if you really love your country, what it means to play for the National Team, dress the colors of the Mexican National Team, it's the same as playing in Chivas because it's a 100 percent Mexican story, ”he said.

He A lot He trained in the Basic Forces of Guadalajara. After finding no place, he left Pachuca. Now, another option that is handled is that the Mexican midfielder joins Erick Aguirre like the players who go to Chivas, as exchange currencies for Macias.

And in case you missed it, here we leave the video where Jose Juan Macias He offered the details for which he does not intend to return to the Jalisco team

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