VIDEO: 'Say hello, but to your pu .. mother': Xolos fond of Layun


A fan of the Xolos of Tijuana played a heavy joke on Miguel Layun, after the defeat his team suffered 4-0 against the Rayados de Monterrey, duel corresponding to day 18 of the 2019 Apertura tournament.

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At the end of the duel that was lived in the Warm Stadium, the players of the regiomontana squad were heading towards the dressing rooms, time in which a follower of the local cadre shouted at Layun: "Layun greet me … but your fucking mother", were the words of the woman, just when the Mexican soccer player turned to greet her.

The element of Monterrey noticed it, but he took it with good humor, and continued on his way, while this action caused laughter in the gallery.

Antonio Mohamed's team managed an important victory, which still allows him to dream about Liguilla, although they do not depend on their own results, but on what the clubs that are above them manage to do.


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