VIDEO: Taison receives racist insults and is expelled


Racism was present in Ukrainian football, in the match between Shakthar and Dinamo.

Racism returned to football, and now it happened in Ukraine, in the match that faced Shakhtar and at Dynamo of Kiev. The affected was the Brazilian striker Taison, who could not stand it anymore and made obscene signs to the visiting public, in addition to kicking the ball towards the area where they were located.

The referee's decision was the most controversial, expelling the attacker, who left for the dressing room incredulous by the situation. Taison was not the only one affected, as compatriot Alex Texeira was seen crying helplessly.

The reason stated for the expulsion was unsportsmanlike behavior, leaving his team with one player less for 16 minutes. In the end, the game culminated. 1-0 in favor of Shakhtar.

His club did not remain silent, issuing a statement declaring against: "categorical opposition to any manifestation and form of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and any intolerant act".

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