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                                The feathered and even champions could not add up to three, while FAS ran into a wall in Ahuachapan                             </p><div>
                                <p>In the Ramon Flores Berrios Stadium, Lima received the Eagle by date 18 of the First Division.

The feathered arrived with the premise of adding a victory that put them among the first six places of privilege of the major circuit, however, failed in said mission.

The group that now directs the Argentine Daniel Messina was unable to violate the local defense, and well, likewise the tricklers were not successful to sink the ball in the arch of Benji Villalobos.

The result left Limeno in the fourth place with 28 units, while Aguila adds 25. The distance the sixth place -Chalatenango- and the black-orange team is deduced only from the goal difference. The northerners have four goals in favor in their goal average, while Aguila has no (0).

Lima will visit Independiente to seek to add and continue in the qualification positions. Aguila will receive the Alliance on the next date, in what is seen as a tough test for the champion.

Another that did not add up to three

FAS went to Ahuachapan with the premise of adding a victory and managing to take distance from the rest of the candidates to qualify, but neither could. Moreover, FAS, with a lot of work, managed to avoid defeat against the league's goalkeeper.

Once Deportivo became strong at home and went up just three minutes with a goal from defender Raul Gonzalez, this after three minutes. But the joy would be an ephemeral hologram for the locals, since Joshua Rivera scored the equal of equal for FAS just three minutes later.

With two goals in less than ten minutes everything painted for a game more loaded with goals, however, gunpowder would run out to dislike the fans present at the Simeon Magana Stadium. Final: 1-1.

As a curious fact, the newly called Selecta flyer, Julio Amaya, was expelled at the meeting.

With this result, FAS is third with 28 units, the same as Municipal Limeno; but the tigrillo is there because of a better goal difference (+8) compared to his dummy pairs (+2). Once Deportivo will continue as a basement with 10 units.

The next date for an extremely even match, FAS will receive the Chalatenango, which is in need of points to support itself in the Top 6, while Once Deportivo will visit the Sonsonate, who will look for who pays the broken plates after giving in to the Alliance.

The game of Lima – Eagle


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