Vienna-Leopoldstadt – fire in Nordbahnhalle under control


"We were alerted at about 1:00 pm by calls from numerous residents of surrounding homes, and our first on-site forces found that the Nordbahnhalle had already developed a full-blown fire, raising the alert level from 2 to 3," said Gerald Schimpf. Spokesman for the Viennese Professional Fire Brigade, opposite the APA. Above the Leopoldstadt a high column of smoke was visible.

On the part of the fire brigade one was with approximately one hundred man and 25 vehicles in the employment. There were also three large tank fire trucks and two telescopic mast platforms. "Afflicted was the old empty hall, preventing the flames from spreading to an old brick tower next to it," said Schimpf. The fire was brought under control within about an hour. Under respiratory protection the building was searched for persons. No one was found.

"There is no cause of fire yet," said Schimpf. This will only be the subject of investigations after the end of the fire. The professional rescue Vienna came with eight vehicles used. There were no injuries. "But there will still be extensive re-fire work in the crooked building, and we'll certainly be there for several hours," the fire department spokesman said.

Until a few months ago, the Nordbahnhalle had repeatedly been the scene of events, but had not been used lately. There were public discussions about the future of the building.

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