Walk ambiguous against Islamophobia


" Stop Islamophobia »,« to live together is urgent "Could you read on signs in the middle of many French flags. " Solidarity with veiled women Chanted protesters. The march against Islamophobia gathered 13,500 people Sunday in Paris, according to a count realized by the firm Occurrence for a collective of media. It went off calmly even though some scenes were troubled, especially when the controversial activist Marwan Muhammad chanted " God is great To the crowd: " Allah Akbar is said because one is proud to be a Muslim and to be a French citizen! He said.

Coming from organizations such as the Collective against Islamophobia, this march provoked a controversy within the political class against a backdrop of debate over the veil. She divided left. And prompted criticism from the French government and the far right. Secretary of State Marlene Schiappa has criticized some organizers for challenging secularism. " That they make pirouettes to explain it, that they twist the truth to justify themselves, the presence of elected in this demonstration organized by Islamists remains a disgrace "Said Republican Senator Bruno Retailleau.

In the procession from the Gare du Nord, several elected representatives of France insubordinate (Clementine Autain, Daniele Obono, Éric Coquerel …) were present alongside Jean-Luc Melenchon, who called before the start of the march not to " confuse some people with the value of the cause that is served ".

The trigger point that decided the protesters is often the debate on the veil. Like many, Souhila and Karim from Orleans with their young children believe that the veil is going to be " not allowed For accompanying mothers during field trips. " It is not normal. We are offered to accompany, we accept with joy. Our children are proud. Why stop us? Who's embarrassing? Asked Souhila, Moroccan, who arrived in France ten years ago. " I thought France was Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, I'm disappointed She insists. " Many times, my housing record was refused. We are shown "Says her husband, Karim, a mechanic who does not have French nationality, which was refused even if he arrived very young in France. " No doubt because of my beard … That he did indeed provide well. The thirty-year-old finds it " better That his wife wears the veil because she preserve the looks of others ".

Many protesters came with Laila and Kamel, who carries their little boy in a baby carrier: " For years, an anti-Muslim atmosphere has been created in France. Once we believe, we feel targeted daily. This history of the veil is agitated to hide the real problems like unemployment … She is veiled, wears her beard and kamis, that long tunic that comes over her ankles. In Gien in Loiret, where they live, this driver has limited this outfit to Friday " because I saw that it scared old people. Yet I wear it mostly because it's more practical than jeans ". They invoke the modesty demanded by Islam To explain their outfits. Quality engineer in a nuclear power plant, Laila wears the veil with " spirituality " but also for " hide her beauty ".

"We work, we pay taxes, we are integrated"

Moment of tension at the approach of the Republic Square where Kabyles demonstrate against the Algerian military regime. " Go home veiled. Or accept France as it is, with its secularism "Throw angry old Algerians at veiled girls shrugging their shoulders. A world separates them.

The attacks have accentuated the tensions of course but the French should make the difference. We work, we pay taxes, we are integrated "Says Amal, computer scientist, who like most people met, for the first time, at 37 years old. If she has never been a victim of Islamophobia, she protests against the media that " sow division in people's hearts instead of worrying about unemployment, health, or education ". Admittedly, Alexandre and Tiphaine, two converts from Seine-et-Marne have never received derogatory remarks " because our belief is not seen on our faces "Explain this couple of blond blue-eyed but they too feel" assaulted. The politicians, the journalists let loose recently on Islam, amalgamate on amalgam. It must stop ". The media are regularly brocaded in the demonstration for their " anti-Muslim blinders ".

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