What went wrong with Eric Bischoff in WWE? Now we know


This is not the first time that Eric Bischoff is pronounced about his dismissal from WWE. After a few days in which we discovered all kinds of information about it, he broke his silence to comment on what happened. Although mainly limited to thanking for the opportunity, adding a slight explanation: "It didn't necessarily fit that".

► What went wrong with Eric Bischoff in WWE?

More recently, speaking with Wrestling Inc, Bischoff was a bit more concrete.

«One of the things I learned is that you shouldn't be so passionate about such a big commitment. And it was a great job. To be honest about it, I think my personality and the way I approach things creatively and the way I approach business doesn't fit its formula.

«I guess I'll have to be a little more careful with that in my next steps. I will have to make sure that the opportunities and personalities that surround it agree a little better than they did this time«.

Eric Bischoff in WWE

But he keeps his thanks to the McMahon Empire.

«It was not their fault. They were very honest and very open about the opportunity they gave me. I thought it was going to be a great opportunity, but it just wasn't.

Bischoff also comments on the rumor that he was signed to favor WWE's signature with FOX.

«I don't know who said that. Many things have been written about my work at WWE, since I arrived at WWE and after. But many of those things are not true. Nobody has told me they brought me to help with the signature with FOX. If that was so, they didn't tell me«.

► The future of Eric Bischoff

Little is known of what he is going to do from now on after his departure from the McMahon Empire beyond making fun of it. But one thing is clear, they don't hold any grudges. Recently congratulated Ryan Satin after it confirmed that it joins the FOX WWE Backstage program.

We can also say that will continue to be related to wrestling, as always. For example, he was recently on Starrcast IV.

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