With call to integration, closes appointment of Grupo de Puebla


Buenos Aires, Nov 10 (Prensa Latina) With a call to promote Latin American and Caribbean integration and the role of its different areas of convergence and organizations, the second meeting of the Puebla Group closed here today.

In a final statement of 16 points, in which they condemned the blockade of the United States to Cuba and also showed their concern about what is happening in several countries of the continent, this arm opted to move forward with firm steps towards a more egalitarian region.For the members of the Group, founded by 32 international leaders, including several former presidents, integration from organizations such as the Union of South American Nations (Unasur) or the Community of Latin American States (Celac) are essential to consolidate the regional space.

As they said, these mechanisms' constitute a strength to continue with the exchange of successful experiences of public policies, consolidation of our democracies, defense of sovereignty and security, promotion of intra-regional trade, environmental protection, equal rights and inclusion of women '.

After celebrating the election of Mexico for the presidency pro tempore of the Celac from 2020, they expressed their confidence that it will mean a new boost to integration.

At one point of the declaration, its members urged the international community to 'reject the articulation of the judiciary with the media that, in many of our countries, arbitrarily pursue progressive leaders and leaders to hinder their political projects' .

They also summoned the world's progressive forces to prepare to respond to a current demand: global citizenship.

We must consider the concept of migration as a human right. Progressivism must propose moving from migration as a security problem, to migration as a principle of solidarity, highlighted in the document at the end of the meeting, based in the Hotel Emperor.

On the unstoppable progress of the feminist movement in the region, they opted for the need to build spaces of equality between men and women so that each one can develop their potential by promoting access to equal rights, opportunities and spaces of power.

In turn, they ratified their commitment to promote from the Group a space for debate, formulation and political articulation to bring our countries and peoples closer, regardless of the ideological positioning and political colors of their governments in office.

'We have a historical debt with our democracies and our institutions, and for the Puebla Group that becomes a strategic priority', highlights the document after pointing out that they seek to be a new vehicle of dialogue for the region to build a path of coexistence , sustainable development, cooperation and integration '.

Finally, they summoned their founders and members to meet for the third time in Colombia in six months to continue this progressive impulse that has undoubtedly already begun to lead the change.

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