"He is happy too" … Clement Lenglet provides after-sales service for the integration of Griezmann in Barca


Antoine Griezmann and Clement Lenglet at Clairefontaine, October 7, 2019. – J.E.E / SIPA

In Clairefontaine,

Clement Lenglet, five selections with the France team and already a frame … press conferences. It must be recognized that it is practical. The neo-Barcelonan is a man who is very good at exercising, provides clear and well-argued answers, and can give fresh news to his French teammates in Catalonia. The press does not hesitate, by the way, and this Tuesday
like last month, everyone went there. Ousmane Dembele and Samuel Umtiti have had the right to their little question, but it's
Antoine Griezmann who was most often invited in the discussion.

Seen from France, his integration into Barca seems a bit complicated.
Leo Messi would not do everything for the best, according to the local press – which does not give much credit to the denials of the Argentine – and the performance of the French on the ground are not foolish, even if the
statistical record is correct (four goals in 11 games). That must change in any case the team of France, where he is a long time frame. Not so much, according to Lenglet, who wrings his neck at the thought of Grizou as perky in selection as dull in Catalonia.

"Is he different? That's a really big word. In selection, Antoine takes a lot of pleasure. He has a very strong history with her, he has known great things, has his bearings here. In Barcelona, ​​he is happy too, even if sometimes you say the opposite (he smiles). He is very happy, he has a smile all the time. "

Salve number 2 of the coup, with a more tactical approach. Is its positioning in the 4-3-3 blaugrana could not explain his average benefits, while he is at the heart of the game with the Blues? "In France, he plays as second striker. It may be a little easier for him to gain opportunities in relation to his placement, his intelligence of play, his flair on the field. On the side, it is further from the goal. He starts from farther to get the second balloons, to arrive thrown … In both cases, he works, he always has this great mentality. "

"When we arrive at Barca, we pay attention to what we do"

Inaccurate, this Clement Lenglet. Come on, third and last attempt, with a question subtly brought to Lionel Messi and his integration of new children. Generally, of course. Smile heard the defender, who does not scroll: "It's someone very calm, very posed, simple and natural. When we arrive at Barca, we pay attention to what we do. But little by little the link is made, and Leo is not the type to reprimand you or give you orders. This is the case with Antoine, as it has been with me. The dialogue has settled. Leo is someone who has a strong core around him, but he helps others on a daily basis. "

Thank you Clement. We meet in March to redo the trip, so.

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