Jorge Masvidal coach believes he can surprise in a fight with Canelo Alvarez


After his triumph in UFC 244, Jorge Masvidal launched a curious challenge. Gamebred knows that he enjoys a moment of a lot of press, so he took the opportunity to ask for an opportunity before Saul "Canelo" Alvarez.

The fact has caught the attention of both the world of boxing and MMA, where some have even mocked. This made Mike Brown, Masvidal's coach, step up and ensure he could shut his mouth to many.

"I think it can be very competitive and may surprise some people", he began explaining to MMAFighting."He has perhaps the highest IQ of all I have met. Boxing is where he feels most comfortable (and) what he has been doing the longest since he was a teenager. It becomes more natural for him. He also has the ability to change things and do wild and crazy things with a unique footwork with things no one has ever seen.".

"I mean, he has an incredible (repertoire of skills). I learn a lot from the boy. I learn things all the time. During the camps when I am training him, I am learning new things, because he has many other techniques and ideas that are new or different from what I have seen. It is like exchanging information. I'm also improving all the time"he added.

Everything seems to indicate that the flirting between Masvidal and boxing will be for a long time. And more after Canelo said he would fight a UFC fighter just for business. It remains only to wait.

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