AfD and fire brigade: Zundler at the fire department


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Rights like to frolic in clubs, even in the fire department. Their president warned exactly. That will probably do him harm now. The comment.

The problem is not entirely new: that AfD people at the grassroots of society as a caretaker operate, is always read again. That has its meaning from the point of view of the extreme right. Who wants to move the center of society to the right, goes best to where this center is bustling: in the parish councils and local councils, but also in the football clubs or the volunteer fire department.

Their top lobbyist in Germany is called Hartmut Ziebs and is president of the German Fire Service Association (DFV). He has recently warned against right-wing tendencies among fire fighters, and now he gets the receipt: Five out of seven vice-presidents have demanded his resignation, reports the editorial network Germany.

"Political Agenda" of the fire brigade: the exact opposite of what the AfD propagates

The "Political Agenda", which the Fire Brigade Association passed in 2012, states: "Integration work has become a matter of course for many fire brigades and at all levels of the association. It is characterized by great curiosity in the fire brigades and the endeavor to open the organization interculturally. "And:" The DFV advocates a culture of recognition, equality, respect and diversity. "

That's the exact opposite of what the AfD propagates. The stories of Syrians, who found their link to German society in the fire department, must be a torment for all those who would like to see absolutely no refugees in Germany.

Radical rights have come a long way on their way to the center of society

So Hartmut Ziebs has only pointed out that activities of legal nationals who use fire safety for political detonation are contrary to the principles and objectives of his association. That's exactly why he should go now.

Those who did not want to admit how far the radical right has already come on their way to the middle of society should be instructed by such a process of a worse one.

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