Albania vs. Andorra: TV, LIVE-STREAM, lineup, highlights and Co. – the transmission of the European Championship qualifiers


Albania has on Thursday in the European Championship qualifying Andorra guest. Goal gives an overview of where the match will be shown live on TV and LIVE-STREAM.

Final spurt in the European Championship qualifier: In Group H, all decisions have already been made. Albania and Andorra play on Thursday at 20.45 only for the golden pineapple.

Albania is currently in fourth place with 12 points. Since France and Turkey escaped with 19 each already unattainable, the EM dream is already over. Nevertheless, one wants to master the compulsory task Andorra in the domestic camp and at best become third in the group.

Andorra have scored only one goal in this qualifying round of European football, which fell against Moldova 1-0. Last time there was nothing to get in the 0-2 against Iceland.

Albania vs. Andorra: TV, LIVE-STREAM and Co. – Goal calls all information around the transmission of the EM-Quali. In addition: The lists as soon as they are known.

Albania vs. Andorra in the EM Quai: The duel in the overview


Albania vs. Andorra


European Championship Qualification, Group H


Thursday, November 14, 2019 | 20.45 clock


Elbasan Arena, Elbasan (Albania)


12,800 seats

Euro 2020 logo

Albania vs. See Andorra at LIVE-STREAM today

Albania vs. Andorra in the European Championship qualification. Although it is not much, yet the game holds a certain explosiveness. Goal reveals how to watch the full 90 minutes of live streaming today.

Albania vs. Watch Andorra at the LIVE-STREAM on DAZN today

DAZN is the streaming service that holds the rights to the European Championship qualification this season. The channel transmits for you all games of the EM-Quali without German participation in the LIVE-STREAM.

The full 90 minutes of the match Albania vs. Andorra are live and completely on DAZN. But the best news is yet to come, because DAZN shows you the match Albania vs. Andorra free of charge – by the month of the month.

Albania vs. Andorra today for free in DAZN's LIVE STREAM – the free month

The lines above have already betrayed you anyway: The encounter Albania vs. Andorra will be shown / broadcast on Thursday live and exclusively at the streaming provider DAZN.

Albania vs. Andorra live and in full length at DAZN – click here for LIVE-STREAM

DAZN has integrated a free month in its offer. This will allow you to use the LIVE STREAM world of DAZN for free for 30 days before you pay 11.99 euros per month from the second month. Alternatively, an annual subscription for 119.99 euros – this will pay you converted only ten euros a month.

Albania vs. Andorra will be running for free in LIVE-STREAM if you sign up for DAZN.

Already minutes before kick-off in the Elbasan Arena DAZN goes on air. In a short preliminary report, you will be well prepared for the following 90 minutes of football between Albania and Andorra.

If you do not like DAZN, then you can cancel before the end of the free month. Here are some interesting articles if you are interested in a DAZN subscription:

Albania vs. Andorra: The European Championship Qualifiers, the Champions League and much more in the LIVE-STREAM on DAZN

DAZN has a huge program on offer. Rolling in the European top leagues and top competitions of the ball, you are still at the right place at DAZN. The streaming service shows pure football! Champions League and Europa League, Bundesliga, Serie A, LaLiga and Ligue 1. You can get all that and much more in the LIVE-STREAM at DAZN!

Albania vs. Andorra: Do you have any questions about DAZN? Then along here:

Albania vs. Andorra for free in the LIVE STREAM at DAZN? Then get the free app of the streaming service:

Albania France Euro 2020 qualifier 2019

Albania vs. Watching Andorra live on TV today – is that possible?

We now know that the full 90 minutes between Albania and Andorra will be shown / broadcast live on the DAZN stream. But does the European Championship qualification come live on TV? The answer to this question you get in this paragraph.

In general, the Free TV shows / transmits Albania. Andorra not live on TV today. ARD, ZDF, RTL, Sky and Co. have no rights to broadcast the matches of foreign national teams. Only the games of the German national team live on German Free-TV.

DAZN shows / transfers Albania vs. Andorra today at LIVE-STREAM on your SMART TV

DAZN takes over the transfer to Albania vs. Andorra, the channel is not a classic TV station. The transmissions of the streaming service are running exclusively in the LIVE-STREAM, Nevertheless, you do not have to do without it. Albania vs. Andorra on your TV to be able to enjoy. Again, the free month applies!

Albania vs. Andorra live and in full on the Smart TV with DAZN – get your free month now!

Albania vs. So Andorra is somehow live on TV when you download the DAZN app.

Albania vs. Andorra today in LIVE-STREAM on your SMART-TV: That's the way it works

Albania vs. Watch Andorra live? Follow the instructions below:

  • Step 1: Search for the free DAZN app in the app store of your TV.
  • Step 2: Download the free DAZN app and install the application.
  • Step 3: Sign up with DAZN. Do not have a DAZN subscription yet? Then secure yourself a free trial month!
  • Step 4: Lean back and enjoy Albania vs. Andorra in LIVE-STREAM at DAZN on your SMART-TV!

Andorra National Team 2019

Albania vs. Andorra: DAZN shows the highlights

Albania vs. Andorra is running live in the stream of DAZN today. But you are on the road in the evening and do not see the full 90 minutes? Then you can still turn on DAZN to review the best scenes.

Because: DAZN shows / transfers the highlights to Albania vs. Andorra about 40 minutes after the final whistle on his platform.

Experience the highlights of Albania vs. Andorra and watch the European Championship qualification in full at DAZN!

Albania vs. Andorra in the European Championship qualifier: See the highlights on DAZN

The streaming service DAZN is super fast and loads you already a few minutes after the final whistle a detailed summary of Albania vs. Andorra on the platform. If the highlights are not enough for you, the streaming service has just the right thing for you: At DAZN you can compare Albania vs. Enjoy Andorra once again in full length on re-live.

Where you enjoy the highlights and the re-live is up to you. DAZN is available on almost all technical devices. On your laptop / computer you will find the streaming service, Do you prefer to use DAZN on your mobile devices? Then please:

Albania vs. Andorra: The lineups

The lineups for the European Championship qualifier Albania Vs. Andorra will be officially announced around 19:45. Then you will find her here.

Albania vs. Andorra: The balance sheet

ALBANIA(altogether 3 duels so far) ANDORRA
2victories 1
1Losses 2
6Gates 2

Albania vs. Andorra: Group H table in European Championship qualification

1.Turkey8th16: 319
SecondFrance8th21: 519

France Andorra UEFA Euro Qualifiers 2020

Albania vs. Andorra live in LIVE-STREAM and LIVE-TICKER today: An overview of the transmission of the European Championship qualification

Albania vs. Andorra in the …


… TV

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