Barrel to prisoner, 11 agents per trial – Last Hour


(ANSA) – MILAN, NOV 13 – For alleged intimidation e
beatings, between 2016 and 2017, against a Tunisian of 50
years, Ismail Ltaief, detained for attempted murder, eleven
persons, including inspectors and prison officers of the
San Vittore prison in Milan, have been indicted
from the gup of Milan Alessandra Cecchelli. The process will begin
for everyone next February 12 in front of the fifth section
criminal. The accusations are, in various ways, a hindrance to the
justice, injury, forgery and kidnapping. According
the investigation by the prosecutor of Milan Leonardo Lesti, the beatings and the
threats were intended to punish Ltaief since in
2011, when he was in a cell in Velletri (Rome), he had denounced
other agents for theft in the canteen and beatings. The beatings would be
been put in place to prevent him, this is the hypothesis, of
to testify in the 'bis' trial before the Court of the
Lazio town on the alleged robbery affair.


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