CM Punk's return to WWE annoyed some fans


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This tuesday WWE universe was surprised with the appearance of CM Punk in the WWE Backstage program, which opens the possibility of the return to the ring of the Best in the World.

This caused many fans and fighters sand will be happy about this possibilityWell, five years ago he decided to get away from the stringing and the world of wrestling.

However, not everyone liked this return, because they considered that Punk betrays his ideals, because for a long time he criticized and insulted the McMahon company.

"CM Punk, you lost all my respect when you returned to WWE. Everything he said he was made there and all the demands … He is a seller to return. "

"It really is not better. He is a sold and a loser. His wallet dried up and he returned to Vince McMahon with his knee pads and lipstick. "

Like these, many messages have appeared on social networks, where they attack the Chicago fighter and strongly criticize his return to WWE.

CM Punk will work directly with Fox Sports as an analyst for WWE programs, but the company had the approval for this to happen, so the doors could open for a potential return to the ring.

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