Complaint against Amazon and eBay for illegal sale of pesticides


The association Water and Rivers of Brittany has filed a complaint against the eBay and Amazon online trading platforms for illegal sale of pesticides to individuals, she said Tuesday.

"The law prohibits the purchase, possession and use of a large number of pesticides since 1 January 2019. It seems to us completely abnormal that this law is flouted by large multinationals", explained Dominique Le Goux, in charge mission statement at a press conference.

First alerted by Eau et Rivieres de Bretagne, Amazon had withdrawn these products from the sale in the spring, before offering them again, according to the association.

The association said it managed to order "very easily several cans of banned pesticides", some of which glyphosate-based, last October on eBay and Amazon sites. The products came from British and Spanish sellers, according to the same source.

"It's a real environmental crime," says Brieuc Le Roch, lawyer of the association, which notes that on these sites "at any time, the consumer can not say that he is buying an illegal product ".

Amazon has assured AFP that "all sellers must comply with (its) sales policies" and have "teams with dedicated tools to ensure that prohibited products have no place in (his) shop ".

"The product in question has been removed," says the giant of online sales.

On eBay, "the illegal sale of pesticides (…) is strictly prohibited", assured Delphine Dauba-Pantanacce, international legal manager of the regulatory affairs of the platform. "We remove any ads that offer banned products that are reported to us."

But Brieuc Le Roch, Water and Rivers of Brittany, "it is not the citizen to police" by contacting Amazon or eBay every time an illegal product is put online.

Contacted, the parquet of Saint-Brieuc was not able to confirm the deposit of complaint in the immediate future.

The illegal sale of pesticides to individuals is punishable by two years' imprisonment and a fine of 300,000 euros, the amount of which can be raised to 10% of the average turnover, according to the rural code.

Following a complaint from Eau et Rivieres de Bretagne, Monsanto was convicted in 2009 for misleading advertising of Round Up, a herbicide then presented as "biodegradable" and leaving "clean soil".

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