Day of madness for the Ultims of Brest Atlantiques


Pit stops, change of leaders and complete half-turn … The giant trimarans experienced a hectic day near Rio.

Thursday was a hectic and spectacular day near Rio for the Ultims of the Brest Atlantiques race. With pit stops, change of leaders and half-turn … For its first edition, the new loop in the North and South Atlantic does not lack of spice and suspense.

Arrived Wednesday night in Rio to change a damaged saffron trimaran Macif after a shock with Ofni, Francois Gabart and Gwenole Gahinet resumed the sea, this Thursday at 16 hours, after a technical stop of 19 hours. A stop longer than expected to adapt the saffron coming from Team Banque Populaire but which should allow the duo to find a boat in full possession of its means.

"Thomas preferred to turn back to preserve his boat, he will do the round back before leaving"

Jacques Caraes

During his pit stop, passed the Maxi Edmond de Rothschild of Franck Cammas and Charles Caudrelier, leaders until their technical stop in Salvador de Bahia, Tuesday, to repair also a damaged saffron, and before him the trimaran Sodebo, new boss of the race, this Thursday. Until Thomas Coville and Jean-Luc Nelias decide to turn back. To preserve their boat in view of the big depression announced in the South of Brazil in the next hours in a very formed sea.

"Given the current weather conditions in the area, Thomas Coville and Jean-Luc Nelias decided to delay. They are studying with the cell routing on land the best route to take to get Cape Town in the best compromise between safety and performance, "explained their team on twitter in the afternoon. Warned of his decision by Thomas Coville, the race director Jacques Caraes said: "They felt that the conditions were too harsh to continue on this south-east axis, Thomas preferred to turn back to preserve his boat, he will make the round back before leaving ".

This passage in Rio will have been finally "upsetting" for the flying trimarans with a completely revived race, the fourth thief, the Actual Leader of Yves Le Blevec and Alex Pella turning in the early evening the mark of course of Cagarras located in front of Rio and thus getting closer to the trimaran Macif. The tandem Gabart-Gahinet also decided in the evening not to dive south and take shelter in eastern Brazil to avoid endangering their Ultim in this nasty Atlantic and break-boat.

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