HOcke interjects: The protection of the constitution may call AfD "wings" "more and more extremist" – politics


The Thuringian AFD state chairman BjOrn HOcke takes it that the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution (BfV) calls the nationalist-conservative "wing" of the party led by him as "increasingly extremist". The politician wanted to prohibit interview statements made by the BfV President Thomas Haldenwang from the Cologne administrative court, but was dismissed in October (Ref .: 13 L 2217/19).

As the court announced now on Tagesspiegel request, HOcke has waived a complaint to the Higher Administrative Court: "The decision is final."

The court sees enough evidence

According to the court ruling, HOckes' urgent application was already inadmissible because it was not itself affected, but merely a sub-organization of his party. In addition, the protection of the Constitution with the statements within its legal powers. There are enough indications that the "wing" is actually becoming "ever more extremist". Moreover, Haldenwang's words are also relatively "in view of the great media interest".

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