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Microsoft announced new games for Xbox One and Windows 10 at the "XO19" event in London. It was the first scenes from the much anticipated real-time strategy comeback "Age of Empires 4" to see. BILD reveals what other games debuts there was and what Microsoft's streaming service XCloud will offer.

First scene from "Age of Empires 4"

That's what strategy fans have been waiting for since the fourth installment of the series was announced at Gamescom 2017. In London, Microsoft showed the first gameplay video from the real-time strategy hit "Age of Empires 4" (above) for Windows 10. In it: A huge medieval city under siege. Exactly what fans have hoped for! It will take another few months for the game to be released. A date did not call Microsoft yet.

Until then, "Age" players can pass the time with today's release of the "Age of Empires 2" remake. Not only does it offer an all-round enhanced game experience, including 4K graphics, but also the new expansion "The Last Khan".

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Photo: Manufacturer

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"Age of Empires 4": Large-scale battles in the Middle Ages – that should appeal to the fansPhoto: Manufacturer

Survival game "Grounded"

Xbox-Studio Obsidian is currently celebrating success with the role-playing game "The Outer Worlds", but supplies have already been taken care of. At the XO19, the survival game "Grounded" (Spring 2020) was announced, which wants to score with a strong story and RPG elements. In Grounded, the player shrinks to the size of an ant and then has to fight for survival in the backyard of a suburban settlement. Played alone or together with up to three players.

New adventure from the "Life is Strange" -makers

The "Life is Strange" games are among the best storytelling games of recent years. Now Studio Dontnod is dedicated to a new story. "Tell Me Why" tells the story of twins Tyler (a transsexual) and Alyson Ronan, who use their extraordinary closeness to unravel the very different memories of their childhood. The player experiences key moments from different perspectives and then may decide which is the more credible, which in turn influences the life and the connectedness of the two.

"Everwild" by Rare

The traditional game studio Rare ("Sea of ​​Thieves") announced "Everwild", but gave only a brief, enigmatic insight. "Everwild" is said to provide the creators with a whole new game experience. On display was a comic-style world in which elfin characters interact with wondrous mythical creatures.

A new look at the "Microsoft Flight Simulator"

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BILD was already able to try out the "Microsoft Flight Simulator" in September and was enthusiastic about the realistic world, which includes real weather data during the game. A new video showed again how good that looks!

More than 50 games for the XCloud

Microsoft's streaming service XCloud can be tried for a month in the US, UK and South Korea. In 2020, the service should also be made available to Windows 10 users. The XCloud will also be launched next year in Western Europe, Canada, Japan and India. In addition, Microsoft announced that the streaming offer should be extended by more than 50 games (including "Devil May Cry 5", "Tekken 7" and "Forza Horizon 4").

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