Prince Felipe: this determining moment that made him live his father at 13 years


While the eldest daughter of Felipe VI and Letizia of Spain, Leonor, took his first steps as a future monarch in a troubled period, his father also experienced a baptism of fire far from being restful.

As a handover … Since the end of October, Leonor d'Espagne has become a brilliant future monarch. Encouraged by his father, Felipe VIThe 14-year-old has already filled the crowds with her recent speeches. Yet this baptism of fire has not really been a fun part for the daughter of Letizia from Spain. On 4 November, it was in a tense atmosphere that she spoke in Barcelona. Outside, hundreds of separatist Catalan demonstrators came to shout their hatred against the Spanish royal family.

A moment necessarily complicated for the girl, who had to recall memories to his dad. Because he too, in his youth, has experienced troubled situations. When he was only 13, Felipe VI helplessly witnessed the coup attempt against his father, recalls Point of view. In February 1981, Juan Carlos I lived a day of horror. From his office, he watched army putschist officers from his country trying to take the Congress of Deputies. For hours, the ex-monarch recently operated from the heart spoke with both parties. At the time, he had asked Felipe to join him to show him the wings of power. "Our crown is like a football that is in the air, we do not know which side it will fall"he said to him then.

In the middle of the storm, Juan Carlos only wanted to show his son "what to do when you're king". And this sentence, Felipe VI he's obviously not forgotten because that's exactly what he's doing with his eldest daughter. And at only 14 years old, Leonor is already doing well. In this climate of separatist tensions, the future monarch delivered a symbolic speech: "From a very young age, our parents told us about Catalonia, and thanks to them, we know more about Catalan history and culture.This land, Catalonia, will always occupy a special place in my heart". The succession is assured.

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