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Standing on its hind legs, the tabby cat slaps furiously on a window with his pads, as if he wanted to break it.

This video was published by the Friends for Life Animal Shelter in Houston, USA, on the Facebook social network a week ago.

The images show a 6-year-old cat named Quilty, who tries to escape, in his own way, from the room where he was placed. "Isolation", according to the American television channel CNN, which tells its story on Wednesday.

Quilty was born at the shelter in 2012. Adopted by a Houston family, he returned to the facility a few months later when his masters moved out. (Photo: Instagram screenshot / free_quilty)

He spent several days away from other residents of the institution. The facts that earned Quilty such a penalty? He took the other felines out of the shelter where they slept several times.

Confused by CCTV images

This surprising story begins when Quilty arrives at the shelter a few months ago. Right after installation, employees begin to witness some curious scenes. On several occasions, the door of the room where the cats sleep, normally closed, opens mysteriously during the night.

The felines take the opportunity to go out and walk around the shelter. "We arrived in the morning and we had to go and get fifteen cats who had been mad during the night," summarizes Jennifer Hopkins, head of the structure's communication, at CNN's microphone.

The employees seek an explanation and then view the recordings of the CCTV cameras of the shelter.

He jumps and turns the handle while falling

The culprit appears on the images: Quilty is seen jumping on the door handle of the room, and with his paw, turn it to open it. As in the pictures below:

The shelter even says, still on Facebook, that the cat "Apparently did not learn this technique here". Quilty lived in a house whose master also had a dog sometimes locked outside, and the feline "Used to get the dog into the house" opening the door himself.

Quilty behind the glass door of the hallway where he was placed in solitary confinement. (Photo: Instagram screenshot / free_quilty)

After identifying the culprit, the shelter separates Quilty from other felines, time to install special locks. Friends For Life then tells its story on Facebook, hoping it will make someone want to adopt the cat.

Obviously, social networks are racing.

The beginning of a new life

The message published by the institution has been shared more than 16,000 times on Facebook. An Instagram account created in the process, Free Quilty, "Free Quilty" in French, attracts more than 29,000 subscribers in a few days.

This sudden celebrity helped Quilty a lot: he might have found a new home. This Tuesday, the shelter indicated, on its website, that the cat is doing right now "A trial period of a week" to one who could become his new master. The time to see if the animal is at his new home.

Quilty may have found a new home. (Photo: Facebook screenshot / Friends For Life Rescue Animal and Adoption Organization – Houston)

The first days seem to have gone well. This is what Quilty's potential new master at the shelter says: " He is doing very well. (…) He does not like my two dogs but they leave him alone. (…) It's the most affectionate cat I've met! "

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