Turkey accuses Greece of 60,000 illegal deportations | TIME ONLINE


The Turkish government is accusing Greece of illegally sending tens of thousands of migrants to the country Turkey deported to
to have. This is reported by the mirror citing documents of the Turkish Ministry of Interior. Accordingly, should
Greece in the twelve months before 1 November 2019 in total
58,283 people have returned to Turkey without them
Grant asylum procedures.

Most of the cases registered were Pakistani nationals (16,435), followed by Afghans, Somalis, Bangladeshis and Algerians. There are also more than 4,500 Syrians. According to the Turkish report, according to the report alone in October 2019, the number of illegally returned persons exceeded 6,500.

The Turkish material includes according to the mirror Case reports, interviews and photos allegedly showing migrants ill-treated by Greek authorities.

Suspected pushbacks exist for many years

Human rights organizations and lawyers
For years the charge that Greek
Authorities migrants on the border river Evros just after arrival
deport. The government in Athens denies the allegations of so-called pushbacks. Such illegal repatriations of migrants and refugees are prohibited under European and international law. Instead, states must give potential asylum seekers access to an effective asylum procedure.

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