Turkish journalist Ahmet Altan arrested again


DTurkish journalist Ahmet Altan was arrested a week after his release from a Turkish prison. A court in Istanbul had ordered the arrest after the Attorney General had appealed the dismissal of Altan. As a reason for the repeated arrest called the court, among other things flight danger. Together with the journalist Nazli Ilicak, Altan was released in custody last week after three years in custody. Previously, both had been convicted for "supporting a terrorist organization": Altan at ten years and six months, Ilicak at eight years and nine months.

Jannik Waidner

The organization Reporters Without Borders sharply criticized the arrest and called for the immediate release of Altan. All allegations against him should be dropped. Managing Director Christian Mihr said: "The repeated arrest of Ahmet Altan opens a new sad and furious chapter of justice arbitrariness in Turkey. Because Altan has criticized this arbitrariness again and again and made public, he is a thorn in the side of politics and the judiciary. "

To incarcerate him after only a week at liberty, should make a well-known critic of the government crumble. Altan's attorney Figen Albuga Calikusu told the German Press Agency that the reasoning that there was a risk of absconding was absurd. In addition, the court that issued the wanted order was not responsible. You would be so much wrong "completely dizzy".

Altan and Ilicak had criticized the Turkish government in a television broadcast on the eve of the coup attempt in July. The court had seen this as an attempt to overthrow the "constitutional order." Originally, the two journalists were sentenced to life imprisonment under difficult conditions.

In July this year, the Supreme Court of Appeal of Turkey overturned the sentences. The process was resumed on charges of supporting a terrorist organization. The accusation refers to the movement of the preacher Fethullah Gulen, who lives in the United States. The Turkish government blames Gulen for the coup attempt.

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