Vettel responds to Verstappen's accusations


F1 Grand Prix of Mexico - Qualifying
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The end of the season, in the upper area of ​​the table, is resulting in a game of reproaches with a clear direction: the Scuderia Ferrari. If within the framework of the United States GP, Max Verstappen hit the red ones because of his alleged illegal power unit, now it is Sebastian Vettel who has wanted to defend the honor of his team.

The Dutch's statements were blunt. Verstappen dropped that now that they had to return to a legalized version of their engine, They would fall again in terms of engine performance. That did not sit well and the four-time champion has accused the young Red Bull star of an immature and unprofessional attitude and behavior.

F1 Grand Prix of USA - Practice

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“Everyone is free to say or want if that's what they think, that's what one should think. But obviously we have a different opinion. ”, Vettel account from Interlagos. “We must have the strongest engine, I don't know how the other builders are in terms of power, but it is a great achievement for us, for our engine department. In the last five years, we had Mercedes with the most powerful engine. But for a couple of months We are ahead, and I hope it continues like this for the next five years and I don't care what people say or think. ”

"I don't think anyone took it personally.", explains the Teuton in relation to what Verstappen said two weeks ago. "I think He was neither professional nor mature, but I can imagine that they are waiting for me to answer them. I don't have much interest in that, instead of answering, the best answer will be to return to normal. ”

F1 Grand Prix of USA - Practice

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“We are not proud of how we perform in Austin. After Saturday, no one had the need to complain. Sunday, I think we suffer in several things, conditions, tires, tuning, which are things we should work on ”, finally grants a Vettel that, like Ferrari, is not proud of the future of Austin's career.

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