Arsene Wenger returns to football: what is his new challenge after spending 22 years in Arsenal


FIFA announced the signing of French coach Arsene Wenger as new World Soccer Development Director to supervise and direct the growth and evolution of that sport in the world.

Through an official statement, the body chaired by Gianni Infantino added that the former Arsenal coach will also be responsible for “all those matters of a technical nature” as a member of the football and technical advisory panels in the review and the decision making of possible changes in the rules of the game.

In addition, FIFA also recalled that Wenger will exercise his new functions as president of the FIFA Technical Study Group, which makes technical analysis of the tournaments of the highest football organization since 1996.

FIFA also highlighted the “spectacular” trajectory of Arsene Wenger as a technician, and, therefore, "Will place special emphasis on training coaches". “In addition, his contribution to an executive training program – still budding – will be vital to encourage former professional footballers to become managers and in which they will be assisted in the transition to professional life at the end of their career in the football, ”he said in the said statement.

"I am eager to undertake this very important challenge, not only because I have always been interested in soccer analysis from a very broad perspective, but also because FIFA's mission as the governing body of world football is really global, ”said Wegner.

“The new FIFA that we have seen reborn in recent years places football at the core of its objectives, and is dedicated body and soul to its development and that of all its components. I am convinced that I can help achieve these goals, and I will devote all my energies to achieve it ”he pointed out.

Infantino highlighted “the deep knowledge” of Wenger and the passion he shows for the different aspects of football which make the French technician one of the most respected “personalities”.

“I am delighted to welcome you in our team. Since I arrived at FIFA, we returned football to the center of our mission, always with the intention of learning from those who know football in depth. Arsene has devoted his entire life to football, always demonstrating a great strategic sense, ability and dedication. His arrival at FIFA is another example of our strong commitment to return FIFA to football and football to FIFA ”he stressed.

(With information from EFE)

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