Clan boss remains in custody: urgent application of Ibrahim Miri abgeschmettert – Bremen


Bremen – The decision was passed on. Now the district court has to decide on the future of clan boss Ibrahim Miri (46).

The district court took on Thursday morning, the decision: The application of the lawyer against the detention of the clan chief in deportation detention was rejected! Ibrahim Miri remains in detention for the time being.

District Court spokeswoman Cosima Freter to BILD:

Now the district court has to decide if the deportation order will be upheld. In a press release states: "A decision of the appeal proceedings is not expected before Monday." At the latest on December 2, a decision is made. Until then, the deportation warrant will apply. Whether the court will hear clan boss Miri personally, is not yet foreseeable.

Clan chief remains in custody: Ibrahim Miri's application for emergency dismissed


Miri returned to Germany illegally on October 30 after being deported in July. A new asylum application has since been rejected, Miri's recent deportation or even release will continue to be negotiated. Miri's lawyer announced that he would file a lawsuit and motion to oppose the refusal of Miri's asylum application to the Administrative Court. The deadline is until Tuesday.

As a precaution, Bremen's city authorities ordered Thursday that Miri would have to report to the police every two days if he came free.

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