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Jorge Jimenez

“Melgar's success will be in strengthening his minor divisions. It will be essential to do that, ”he said Ricardo Bettocchi in Arequipa.

After two days of work in administrative and sports, the Melgarian leader returned to Lima.

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On his first visit as administrator of the red and black team, instead of the resigner Jose Suarezhad several meetings of presentation, coordination and motivation.

Among its main objectives is to strengthen the work with minors, meet the objectives of the "Temporary administration" and hire as soon as possible new coach.

“I have visited the boys from the minor divisions, the girls who are going to play Puno with the best vibes, and the professionals, who have been given a boost to finish the championship well,” he said.

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It was learned that in the talk with the professional staff there was a coffee loaded with which he asked to be classified anyway, at least, to the South American Cup.

The club has not confirmed whether there will be a conference to present to Bettocchi but his work is already intense and looking to always improve.

Travel to Trujillo

Melgar travels to Trujillo today with the obligation to win the U.C. Vallejo and wait for results in his favor. One that does not suit him was yesterday, with the triumph of Ayacucho 2-1 against Piratas FC. The eleven presented by Marco Valencia could have: Campos, Carmona, Villalba, Deneumostier, Reyna, Tandazo, Freitas, Sanchez, Avila, Amoroso and Cuesta.

Defenses Narvaez and Fuentes is it so discarded for suspension and injury.

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