Gareth Bale has "more fun to play for Wales" than with Real Madrid


Asked on the sidelines of qualifying for Euro 2020, Gareth Bale said Friday have "more fun to play for Wales" than with his club Real Madrid. Statements that could irritate the socios and leaders of Madrid.

Bale has not played any game with Real since his calf injury contracted on October 13 after the draw against Croatia (1-1) in which he had scored.

His decision to join the Welsh squad for the last qualifying matches for Euro 2020 against Azerbaijan on Saturday in Baku and Tuesday in Hungary has already sparked sharp comments in the Spanish press.

And say Friday at a press conference in Baku that he "certainly more fun to play for Wales", is not likely to ease tensions.

"I play with the older players since we were in U17. It's like playing with friends on a Sunday in a park. It's normal, "he said.

"With Wales, I speak my own language and feel more comfortable"

"With Wales, I speak my own language and feel more comfortable. But that does not change what I do on the field. I always give myself 100% wherever I am, "he said.

In a bad position to qualify in their group, the Welsh must win their last two games to hope to play the Euro.

Bale said he was not sure he could compete in both games but defended his right to support his national team.

"I did everything I could to try to get back as soon as possible," he said.

"If there had been a Real Madrid match this weekend I would have been ready to play. Maybe for them (the Real) it does not seem enough but it's a coincidence that the international matches are played these weeks there, "said Bale.

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