Johan Djourou: "We must crack down on racism in football" –


For the Ivorian-born Swiss international, "organizations such as FIFA and UEFA may have to start deducting points," or even "eliminating teams from qualifying for the Euro", to sanction clubs whose supporters display racist behavior.

He also expects greater solidarity from the team-mates. In case of racist insults from the stands, "all players should meet and leave the field solidly, it would be a very strong message".

>> Racism continues to gangrene football matches:

Racism continues to gangrene football matches

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Johan Djourou says he did not undergo this type of behavior himself. Regarding Switzerland, he notes that if racism also exists, it is expressed more restrained. The multicultural aspect of the Swiss team today makes him happy. "It brings this madness and creativity, with these different origins." His answer to those who regret this cultural mix: "I tell them that Switzerland is more beautiful like that today, it's very simple."

On the sporting side, the defender currently without a club, but who performs training with FC Sion, did not want to answer the question of a possible commitment within the team of Christian Constantin. "At the moment, it's just training, nothing is done, it's just a fitness for the moment, but anything is possible," concluded Johan Djourou.

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