Real Zaragoza Vigaray aims to be a month and a half off


The misfortunes seem to have no end at Real Zaragoza. And the cruel defeat against Albacete joins a new relapse of Carlos Vigaray, which now aims to be a month and a half down due to a fibrillar break in the hamstrings of his right leg. The defense is still pending to undergo a nuclear magnetic resonance to determine the exact extent of his injury, but the first diagnosis of the medical services of the Aragonese club is very pessimistic, as is the sensations of Vigaray himself, who entered the dressing room crying and announcing that it had broken again.

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Vigaray, one of the undisputed ones of Zaragoza, suffered a micro-fiber break in the long adductor of the right leg on September 21 against Lugo and was only two weeks off, but in his reappearance he suffered a fiber break in the biceps femoris of his right leg and his absence already extended a month, losing up to five days of the championship. He returned to Almeria with a good physical and football response, but ten minutes from the end of the unfortunate match against Albacete he felt a very strong puncture in the hamstrings of his right leg that announce the worst.

So if the resonance confirms the forecasts tomorrow, Carlos Vigaray will be low until January 5 and will miss the meetings against Rayo Vallecano, Girona, Deportivo, Racing de Santander and Huesca, a new first-order setback in one of the seasons with greater misfortune in the recent history of Real Zaragoza.

On the other hand, another very strong defender like 'Pichu' Atienza, convalescent sprain of degree II of the internal lateral ligament of the left knee, will not be able to reappear until December 22 in El Alcoraz, while the Argentine goalkeeper Cristian Alvarez, with a break of grade II fibers in the hamstring muscle of the right leg, it has two to three weeks left.

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