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And between Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and Governor Enrique Alfaro, that love and that budget is not reflected.

Too soon – two days after the President's visit to Jalisco – time proved us right. The state leader confirmed that in the federal budget package of 2020 there is a cut of 3,500 million pesos. Something like 4% of the budget, which is outrageous.

The priority for Lopez Obrador is its social programs and its megaprojects such as the Mayan Train and the Santa Lucia Airport. He does not see or hear the entities and their governors.


At what time did the authority go from punishing homicides to being a simple corpse digger? The last clandestine grave found in El Zapote, Tlajomulco, already has 25 bodies.

Faced with these crimes, the State Prosecutor's Office and its most expensive spokesman in history, Macedonio Tamez, buzzed 142 thousand pesos a month, simply recite the "advances of the investigation": five, ten, twenty-four bodies. And then: six identified, ten identified …

Throughout the year they have not reported the total number of detainees for these cases, those sentenced and which cells of organized crime have broken up. His work, everything indicates, does not go so far.


This Tuesday there is a session of the Supreme Court of Justice of the State of Jalisco which is no longer attended by the now former magistrate Celso Rodriguez.

The former judge left office last Saturday after he lost an amparo that held him in office for more than two years unconstitutionally. In its place, Maria del Carmen Lopez will already be present.

Rodriguez was one of the three magistrates of Jalisco to whom the Financial Intelligence Unit of the Ministry of Finance froze his bank accounts for alleged money laundering.

An apple spoiled less does not solve the problems of the Judiciary of Jalisco, but it is an advance.

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