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Trump in the hospital: White House rejects speculation

Donald Trump was surprisingly in the hospital. US media speculate if he is ill. The White House speaks of a routine appointment.

US President Donald Trump was surprisingly hospitalized at the weekend. That had led to speculation.
US President Donald Trump was surprisingly hospitalized at the weekend. That had led to speculation.

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Washington. The White House has speculation about a surprising hospital visit Donald Trump rejected last weekend. The 73-year-old US president was to Military Hospital Walter Reed drove, the visit was according to media reports either in the appointment book of the president announced or not previously known in the clinic.

On the night of Tuesday, the White House released a report from attending physician Sean Conley, who said it was a routine, planned investigation by Trump. Contrary to speculation, Trump did not complain of chest pain, the medical report said. He was also not treated for acute health problems. Conley published the cholesterol values ​​Trumps, which are therefore all within the normal range.

The existence US President Being examined in the hospital is not uncommon. The fact that Trump only had to do a couple of blood tests had been questioned by several US media. They thought it unlikely that Trump's visit to the clinic in Bethesda, Maryland, had been routine.

Trump surprised the hospital staff

According to a CNN report, the staff of Trump's visit were surprised; that is unusual. In addition, so insiders, there are no entries in the daily diary given to the white house. This calendar is public.

Also in Trumps – also viewable – appointments no such thing is noted, reports CNN. In addition, be reporter been instructed not to report in advance about the hospital visit.

Another unnamed source described Trump's visit as "abnormal," according to CNN. At the same time, the insider said Trump was in late Friday night good shape been.

The US president is suffering from overweight

The press officer of the White House, Stephanie Grisham, had already said to the speculation that the President was in good health. He preferred the check-up because he had a free weekend in Washington have had.

Actually, the president would have been in February with an annual routine check on it. However, Grisham was not sure why the check-up was incomplete.

After his last routine appointment, the White House reported, Trumps General condition be "very good". However, he suffers overweight and one – usual for his age – heart disease,

Most recently, the favorite for the US Democrats had the election campaign for the 2020 presidential election, Bernie Sanders,
 to interrupt indefinitely after an emergency operation. He had to go to one Heart attack two stents are set.

Trump is currently in explanation because of the Ukraine affair
, In addition, he should reveal more about his finances – because of the demand for insight into his tax returns, he now takes before the highest court.
 Only a few days ago, Trump described himself as a "big fan" of Erdogan.
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