Football Manager 2020 from SEGA now available for iOS


SEGA's Football Manager 2020 Mobile (App Store Link) is now available for iPhone and iPad. There is also Football Manager 2020 Touch (App Store Link), an optimized version for the iPad with even more options. The prices are 9.99 euros or 21.99 euros.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of manager games, I prefer reaching for FIFA 20. But that's another topic. In the new Football Manager 2020 you can put together your dream team. There are more than 60 leagues from the 21 biggest football nations to choose from. Among others, new in version 2020 are the Danish and Greek league. There is also an optimized system for the promotion of youth players.

Young players can now accumulate playing time in reserve teams, as well as a revised news system on board, which better matches game results and news. The gameplay experience also includes an enhanced game view that provides more contextual information. In general, SEGA has also worked on the user interface to create an even smoother experience.

Football Manager 2020 Touch offers even more options

The iPad version, called "Football Manager 2020 Touch" not only provides improved graphics, lighting and playing fields, but a development center. Here you can take full control of the youth work and promote young players. Likewise, you can develop your own club strategy and work with the board to achieve all goals.

By the way, you can find the Mac and Windows version on Steam.

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