G-emprende went to Quito on accusations of deputies saying that the program had not been executed


The legal representative of the G-emprende program, Diana Murgas Moreu, came to Quito to accuse the deputy of La Guajira Genaro Redondo, responding that "the strategy was fully fulfilled in the Department."

In the microphones of the News Cardinal de La Guajira, the official made it clear that the program did not provide resources, and that is why there are people indicating that they were not awarded working capital.
“G-emprende did not deliver resources, delivered machinery, furniture and equipment, training and technical assistance. Work capital was never given, ”said Diana Murgas, while affirming:“ I find it very irresponsible on the part of the people who have made these accusations, accusing that in that percentage of the training is where the trap is, it seems delicate that these things are said when we as an operator in 2013 demonstrate a 100% technical execution and not only said by us but by the audit at that time that the Applus company exercised ”.
Murgas Moreu was emphatic in saying that G-undertakes what it seeks is to provide a comprehensive offer to the population in situations of poverty and vulnerability, in terms of entrepreneurship and employability so that they can generate income.
“When we talk about the benefits of G-emprende we cannot only refer to seed capital, because training is also a benefit. When we talk about strengthening a person in a situation of poverty and vulnerability, we cannot talk about strengthening just by giving them machines, furniture or equipment, it is also necessary and fundamental to train them. The education level of this population is so low that they are not even high school graduates, ”he added. That is why training and technical assistance are essential, "to ensure the sustainability of the enterprises".
Regarding the accusations he received from the deputy Genaro Redondo, he said that he has the audit document that shows that the goals of the program were met 100%. He said that additionally the National Planning Department – DNP – made constant and constant vigilance over the execution of the initiative because it is royalty resources.
"We received periodic visits by the team that sent the DNP to make us watch over the investment and in the last visit an act was issued showing the results and this also attests that the execution was carried out in 100%", he added.

Diana Murgas, legal representative of G-Emprende; Genre Redondo, deputy; and Kempe Vega, Secretary of Economic Development.

In that sense, the legal representative of G-emprende said that the deputies had to document themselves better before launching the accusations that affect not only their good name but that of the company of which it is part of more than 10 years ago, which has a extensive experience in entrepreneurship.
“When you dare to do these ventures, the least you can have is evidence, then you brought a document issued by the Comptroller, who opened a preliminary investigation of the project precisely because at that time there were also signs of this type and the Comptroller initiated a process; Visits were made to the businessmen, the machines, the furniture, the training and the technical assistance were verified and in the end the Comptroller's Office said that they did not find any findings and that all the execution was done as the contract says, ”he alleged.
Diana Murgas recalled that the implements were delivered publicly in Padilla de Riohacha Park and in the other municipalities with the accompaniment of mayors.


The official said that G-emprende is an institutional program that articulates the entire offer in terms of entrepreneurship that La Guajira has and ‘Semillas is part of that wide offer.
“It is a seed capital strategy for the population in a situation of poverty and vulnerability. One of the accusations is that the population is not characterized and precisely ‘Seeds is part of the G-entrepreneurship program because the population is fully characterized, ”he said.
He stressed that, in fact, to register for G-entrepreneurs, the people on the form must indicate what their needs are, to which population group they belong, if they are in poverty or vulnerability, if they are indigenous or Afro, etc. Subsequently, the program creates a database with these characteristics so that as long as offers arrive, the population that meets the requirements can be targeted and direct assistance directly to them.
He mentioned that the project is for 8,800 million pesos and of these resources there is a part ready for training and technical assistance and another for machinery delivery.
Meanwhile Kempe Vega Vega, secretary of Economic Development of La Guajira, supported the legal representative Diana Murgas, noting that the 2013 contract was fully executed. However, he clarified that the project is not yet settled but that it is already in the legal contracting office of La Guajira, who are in charge of this process.
In the end, he explained that the new contract was issued on September 24, which has nothing to do with G-emprende, because this is a strategy of the Government of La Guajira.

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