They launch in the US anonymous official book on Trump's government


November 19, 2019, 7:47Washington, Nov. 19 (Prensa Latina) A book on the administration of US President Donald Trump, whose authorship is attributed to an anonymous official of the Republican government, is marketed today in bookstores, stores and digital sites in this country.

Under the title A Warning, the volume published by the Hachette Book Group editorial delves into the interiors of the current American executive, and gives continuity to an explosive article by the same unknown author that was published in September 2018 in The newspaper New York Times At that time, the official said that within the White House there are people who work to thwart 'part of the agenda and Trump's worst inclinations.'

'I would know. I am one of them. .

In a press release released last month, the publisher described the book as "a shocking and first-hand account of President Trump and his history."

According to Latimer, co-founder of Javelin, to the CNN television network, the anonymous official plans to donate most of the proceeds from the sale of the work and is not motivated by the money to tell the story.

Who wrote A warning rejected the possibility of a seven-figure advance and intends to donate a substantial amount of royalties to the White House Correspondents Association and other organizations fighting for a free press seeking the truth, he said.

A week ago Hachette announced that A warning had received more pre-orders than any other volume of nonfiction in the history of the publisher, and although it did not provide exact figures, said the orders exceeded 100,000 copies, of a total of 500 thousand who were ready to go into circulation.

In the opinion article released in the Times last year, the author argued that there is silent resistance within the administration by people who choose to put the country first.

Such a text, in addition to generating the anger of the president and his supporters, who denounced it as an attempt to undermine Trump's agenda, provoked criticism from Democrats who considered that the official should resign his position and present himself publicly.

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