Pay extra for hand luggage Ryanair? Spain court does not think so


Ryanair has to pay back the surcharge that the woman paid for her briefcase, around twenty euros. A hand baggage allowance that fits into the cabin without any problems is misuse, the judge in Madrid ruled today. In addition, the Ryanair rule would be contrary to both Spanish legislation and that in Europe.

Just bring a bag

Until last year, wheeled cases weighing up to ten kilos were allowed to go for free. But if you still want to take that same suitcase on the plane, then you have to pay extra. Unless you buy a priority ticket. Only a bag of a maximum of 40x20x25 cm can still be used for free as hand luggage, but there are no such small wheel cases

The costs that you have to pay extra vary. The woman from Spain, who flew from Madrid to Brussels in January, therefore paid twenty euros to take her suitcase on the plane. The judge said today that he understood "the anger and powerlessness" of the woman when she had to deposit that money.

Possibly even more claims

The question is whether the Spanish court's ruling will encourage others to also go to court. It is said that since last year thousands of passengers have already paid extra to be able to take their hand luggage with them.

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