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The local Secours Populaire du Teil is officially out of order. The authorities have banned its entry, weakened by the earthquake of 11 November. A private party has made a warehouse available on Paul Avon's alleys.

Manage the stock

In a few days solidarity worked fully. People brought furniture, gas stoves, chairs, cupboards. Everything was not necessarily in good condition or in working order and that's a bit of a problem. The Secours Populaire ended up with a considerable stock of sorting and sometimes furniture to be transferred directly to waste disposal centers.

People have a good heart, but a gas stove that has remained two years in the garage is not in working order and there is no time to repair explains Patrick Herault, secretary general of Secours Populaire du Teil.

The Popular Help also recover clothes, linens, mattresses, dishes and toys. We must now sort this stock to be able to distribute it.

Nearly 40 tons of clothes and clothes were collected - Radio France
Nearly 40 tons of linen and clothes were harvested © Radio France
Pierre-Jean Pluvy

Money and volunteers

The Secours Populaire now needs financial donations and volunteers to manage this momentum of solidarity from all over France and beyond. The popular relief received the check of a 79-year-old Polish. This man had found himself in France at the Teil at the age of three to flee with his family Nazi persecution. And he remembered this welcome in Ardeche. Much emotion also for Beatrice, a Secours Populaire volunteer who yesterday received a visit from a little boy with his mother. He wanted to give a miniature car for the children affected.

The layout of the first apartments

This Wednesday, the volunteers have arranged the first empty apartments available to the victims. These are the families most affected, those whose the house or apartment will no longer be habitable or request for very important work. The victims mention their need and the volunteers of Secours Populaire come to arrange the apartment.

You can send your financial donations in the form of a check to the following address:

Secours Populaire, Earthquake solidarity Le Teil, 75 avenue Victor Hugo, 07400 Le Teil

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