Mexico is the second most insecure country in Latin America, survey revealed


Mexico occupies the second place among the most insecure countries in Latin America, only above Venezuela, according to the Law and Order Index from the American analysis agency Gallup.

According to the survey, insecurity does not give truce in the Latin countries and that perception was reflected in the results of the index that through thousands of surveys in more than 100 countries is responsible for measuring thathow insecure citizens feel in the world.

Singapore led the ranking international with a score of 97 out of 100, Meanwhile in Latin America and the Caribbean the first place took it El Salvador with a score of 73 out of 100, ten points above regional average, which was located in 63.

At the other extreme, the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean that registered the lower safety score were Mexico and Venezuela with 60 and 49, respectively: These indicators made them occupy the positions 134 and 141 respectively of a total of 142 nations consulted.

The list is followed by: Brazil, Dominican Republic and Bolivia, each one with 162 points. Argentina and Peru, 64 each one, and Nicaragua with 67 units. The top 10 complete it: Colombia and Uruguay with a score of 67 each, placing themselves in positions 113 and 112 respectively.

The results of the index indicate that Mexico is considered more insecure than countries at war civil like Libya; under jihadist occupation as Mali, or undersedio of gangs or maras like Honduras even more insecure than Palestine, which has suffered a violent and prolonged conflict with Israel.

More of 152 thousand people were consulted in a total of 142 countries to measure the perception of citizens in terms of security, based on four questions: In the city or area where you live, Do you have confidence in the local police? Do you feel safe walking alone at night in the city or area where you live? In the last 12 months, Have you or any other household member stolen money or any other item? and finally, in the last 12 months, Has he been assaulted?

The answers to these four questions allowed to consolidate the data and have a weighted for each country.

One of the results that highlights the index is that the security perception in Latin America and the Caribbean not the optimal. While the region rose one point compared to 2017, it is the worse worldwide.

As in previous years the people in Latin America and the Caribbean were the less prone between all regions of the world to feel safe in their communities, according to the survey.

Singapore (97) and Tajikistan (94) top the list of the countries with the best safety perception scores in the study and are followed by the United Arab Emirates and Norway with a score of 93 each.

At the same time, of the 142 nations in which the study was conducted, the three countries that close the list are: Gabon (53) Venezuela (49) and Afghanistan (38), showing a perception of insecurity well below the average of 81. In total, 84 economies recorded lower scores than this average.

Gallup revealed that two out of three people globally they expressed feeling safe when walking alone at night in the areas where they live.

The Gallup Global Law and Order Index (GLO) gives a rating based on the confidence of the population in their local police, as well as the incidence of robberies, assaults and aggressions that occurred the year prior to the survey.

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