IFT analyzes which projects to cancel or postpone after 2020 budget cuts


0.3% was cut, compared to the 2019 budget; It has an amount of 1,541.24 million pesos for the following year.

The Federal Telecommunications Institute (IFT) reported Friday that it will analyze some projects that you must cancel or postpone after the Chamber of Deputies approved a budget cut of 0.3 percent by 2020, compared to 2019.

In the Federation Expenditure Budget for 2020 endorsed by the lower house, the amount of 1,541.24 million pesos was assigned to the IFT, which equivalent to a reduction of 188.76 million pesos regarding what is requested by this regulatory body for the fulfillment of responsibilities, according to a statement.

“Given the aforementioned budgetary reallocation, the IFT performs an exhaustive analysis of the projects that it must cancel or postpone, and reaffirms its commitment to continue fulfilling the constitutional mandate of promote the efficient development of telecommunications and broadcasting".

"The authorized budget represents a 0.3% reduction in real terms, compared to 2019, and a 38.23% decrease, also in real terms, accumulated since 2014," he added.

The regulatory body noted that it has contributed to the collection of public revenues from the federal government with 106 billion pesos; while the cost of operation of the Institute has been one tenth of what was generated.

Then the full IFT statement:

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