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Another woman from the former territory of the terrorist militia "Islamic
(IS) is supposed to go to Germany this weekend
to return. The Foreign Ministry said on Friday: "We can
confirm that today three more German children who are in
Had been detained in northern Syria and from there together with her
 Mother could travel to Iraq. "They will then be flown out of the northern Iraqi city of Erbil.

According to information from the German Press Agency, the family should come back to Germany on Saturday. The information
 According to the woman, she also has a two-year-old child besides her own children
Girl in her care, whose mother is from the USA. According to the mirror
Therefore, the Foreign Office took the woman in cooperation with a
US aid organization from the
detention camp Al-Haul in northern Syria.

Of the mirror also reports that the woman is Laura H.
Hessen should act in 2016 after Syria traveled. Since December
In 2018 she is said to be in the Kurdish camp Al-Haul for
imprisoned IS supporters have been detained. According to the report, she is the first adult woman to be taken from Syria to Germany. So far only children have been flown out.

Determination for breach of duty of care

In Germany will be against the 30-year-old for some time because of Suspected
Membership in a terrorist group
as well as for violation of
Duty of care for their children.

The return action
takes place about two weeks after that Higher Administrative Court (OVG)
in another case the return of a
IS devotee and her three children from the refugee camp Al-Haul
 Germany had ordered.

The Foreign Office had previously been the
Recreation of the two, seven and eight year old children of the woman in the
Guided routes. On the other hand, the ministry rejected a return of the mother
for safety reasons. The OVG contradicted that: The children could only be brought back together with their mother, since they "necessarily on the protection and the care of their mother
were instructed, it said in the unannounced court order.

The Netherlands does not have to bring back IS children

Run by the Kurdish YPG militia Al Haul refugee camp in northern Syria
 is completely overcrowded
There are thousands of alleged IS supporters there
imprisoned, the conditions are considered catastrophic. According to current statistics of the security authorities, about 80 German IS supporters still reside in camps or prisons in Syria.

In the Netherlands, however, a court ruled on Friday that IS supporters
For now, children do not have to be taken home from North Syrian camps. On
Court of Appeal gave the Dutch Government rights and
 ruled against an application by those affected, such as the
News Agency ANP reported. The case is a political one
Matter and therefore not matter of the courts.

"It's the
Politicians to deal with the miserable situation of these children
"The court said after one Report of the newspaper de
, After the judgment broke several family members of the
Affected in tears. At first it was not clear whether the plaintiffs
still want to pull before the Supreme Court.

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