Map2, identified the baldness gene (thanks to a research on pigs)


ROME – Found the genetic mutation underlying the hereditary baldness (at the base of alopecia and thinning of the hair): the key is in the gene that produces the Map2 protein, considered a real hair architect. This was discovered in pigs by researchers from the China Agricultural University, whose study is published in the Faseb journal.Scholars, led by Xiangdong Ding, have selected two groups (adults and newborns) between normal and hairless pigs.
The choice of these animals was made for their 'biological' resemblance to the human being. The first step was to examine the differences between the hair follicles and the skin of the two groups of pigs, thus discovering that the density of the follicle in normal pigs was much greater than that of the 'peeled' animals.After that, through sequencing and molecular experiments, they observed the differences between the two groups, arriving to identify the Map2 protein as a key factor of baldness, and its mutation which leads to a reduction in the density of the follicle at the embryonic stage, and therefore to follicles not normally formed.

"We think this is the first time this protein has been associated with follicle formation – comments Ding – With further studies in the future it could lead to a possible therapy for hereditary hair diseases through genome cutting and sewing".

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