NBA Carmelo experiment does not look good and Giannis is primed with him


Carmelo Anthony was playing his second game of the season tonight after the Blazers got their services by surprise. Two days ago he debuted in New Orleans with 10 points in 24 minutes and 2/3 in triples … but a total 4/14 and a -20 for his team with him on track. Like any new addition, it is important to allow time for its coupling to the new system and, although playing in Milwaukee is not the best place to start recovering your feelings, the Blazers are not right now for many waiting. In the case of Carmelo they may not have to do it, but because there is not much to wait for.

This time the best of his game has been intuited and the worst has been confirmed and, for now, the latest is imposed. Because in his 29 minutes of play against the Bucks he improved in many offensive facets (18 points, 4 assists, 60% in triples, 40% in field shots) but His defense is spoiling everything. In a team that had already lost enough defensive potential on the perimeter this summer, having Carmelo on the court right now is suicide. Obviously, let's not talk about the defense in the area because it isn't even there. And much less before people like Giannis. But the numbers do not deceive. In these two games the Blazers have conceded 252 points. With him on track they receive 124.1 per 100 possessions. Without him, 112.5. And in both meetings he has already left several blushing images on his side of the court. Not so much because he doesn't have the right attitude (that a little of that may also exist), is that it just doesn't reach him. He was never a great defender and in this hyperphysical NBA 99% of the players pass over him.

Having said that, he had lucid moments in attack that helped his team stay in the game until four minutes were left for the end. Labissiere, curiously one of the biggest injured by his arrival, was also key from the bench (22 + 12 and 5 caps). And, above all, C.J. McCollum, who in the absence of Lillard threw the team on his back with an individual and general effort commendable but sterile. 37 + 6 + 10 for the escort. Opposite was one of the teams in the form of the League that won their sixth consecutive victory against Portland and has placed first in the East taking advantage of the stumbling block of the Celtics yesterday in Los Angeles. The top scorer of the premises was Bledsoe (30 points), more important than last year if possible after Brogdon's departure. And Connaughton had a great impact coming out of substitute with 18 points and impressive percentages.

But the total protagonist was Giannis Antetokounmpo, that night after night gives exhibits to which it seems that we are getting used to and do not call our attention what they should. Before the Blazers he achieved his second triple-double of the season (the first one was in the debut) and he did it with personal record of assists (15), with which also surpasses Kareem as the seventh highest assistant in the history of the franchise. He also scored 24 points (this time very bad from the triple, 1/7) and took 19 rebounds. His averages right now are 30.1 points, 14.1 rebounds, 6.6 assists in what may end up as a more historic season than the last one, which earned him the MVP of the season.

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