Thursday, April 22, 2021
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Home World a defendant in court in May

a defendant in court in May

The judicial investigation, opened after the dissemination of images of a dead sheep on social networks, is over.

The animal killed the day after a birthday party, in Champagnole, “was not mistreated”, said Wednesday the prosecutor of the Republic of Jura, Lionel Pascal.

The cliché had created controversy: that of a young man, with a smile on his lips and raised thumbs, strike a pose next to the remains of a tagged sheep. Sunday March 28, the day after a birthday party, this photo had toured social networks, and had reacted to many Internet users, who argued that the sheep had been “tortured”. However, this Wednesday, March 31, the investigation opened after the dissemination of photos, clarified the facts: “The animal was not mistreated and has not suffered mistreatment,” said the prosecutor. from the Republic of Jura, Lionel Pascal. Two offenses retained.

The animal killed with a hunting dagger

Remember the facts: during a birthday party, which took place on Saturday March 27 in Vannoz, some guests decided to offer a sheep to a Jurassian who was celebrating his 18th birthday. Previously, the guests had painted the animal in several colors. The very young adult had refused the offer, and the sheep had been put back in its cage the remainder of the evening, without being mistreated. The day after the anniversary, Sunday March 28, a group of guests brought the animal back to the home of one of them, in Champagnole. One of the guests decided to have a barbecue and kill the sheep. “He did it without an act of barbarism, with a hunting dagger,” said the prosecutor. After which, one of the guests took the famous photo in which the young man appears. The latter, whose face appears on social networks, came to wake up, it is there that he discovered the dead animal.

Two offenses retained

The latter, at that time not very lucid, is in no way at the origin of the fate reserved for the sheep. Concerning the author of the death of the animal, two offenses are retained: “He is being prosecuted for having unnecessarily killed a tamed animal, and for having done so under non-compliant conditions, that is to say without having knocked him out beforehand ”, indicates the prosecutor. The respondent is summoned to the Dole police court in May.

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