Monday, April 19, 2021
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A new focus of coronavirus on a tissue farm – the virus has invaded Lazdijai district

This outbreak of coronavirus disease is the third in tissue farms in Lithuania. The first case was confirmed in Jonava district. tissue farm on November 26, and Radviliškis d. the fireplace was set for December 30th.

Although transmission of the virus to tissues is most likely from close contact with a sick person, according to the data available to the SFVS, Lazdijai d. there were no farm workers. An SFVS epizootic investigation team will be set up to explain how the coronavirus may have entered the farm. The disease was diagnosed on this farm through continuous monitoring, with up to 5 samples of the most recently dead animals being selected each week.

Fur animals or their fur from the affected farm were not distributed to other farms in the country.

Upon receipt of information on the confirmed disease in the stored tissues, the holding was immediately subject to operating restrictions: any removal of animals, feed or other animal products was prohibited and the responsible persons were instructed to agree a tissue loss plan with the SFVS.

Those animals that are kept nearby or may have been in contact with dead animals will unfortunately have to be killed to stop the spread of the disease on the farm. This will be done immediately, ie today. Samples will be taken from the dead animals to determine the extent of the spread of the disease on the farm. The farm will be disinfected with authorized biocidal products against SARS-CoV-2 virus, the farm will continue to be closely monitored and additional samples of farmed animals will be selected for testing.

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The carcasses of sick animals will be safely disposed of in the animal by-products processing plant. The follow-up and follow-up will be decided after an assessment of all the circumstances and in the light of the spread of COVID-19.

All tissue keepers in the country are encouraged to adhere responsibly and strictly to the established biosecurity requirements on the farms. If the farmed animals show signs of fever, respiratory or gastrointestinal damage or increased mortality, or if a farm worker caring for the animals has been confirmed to have COVID-19 infection, the SFVS inspectors must be informed as soon as possible by calling the free 24-hour hotline at 8 800 40 403.

Relevant information on COVID-19 disease and prevention for tissue growers in the country is published on the SFVS website.



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