Tuesday, April 20, 2021
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Home World A racist and sexist sequence from the game "Pyramid" resurfaces

A racist and sexist sequence from the game “Pyramid” resurfaces

Image taken from the sequence of – Twitter screenshot of

Tuesday night, TMC was broadcasting Sofa 95, a program presented by Etienne Carbonnier retracing the year 1995 through French television archives. Among them, a sequence particularly shocked Internet users, extracted from the game Pyramid presented by Patrice Laffont on France 2.

Pépita, the emblematic face of the TV game, is the target of racist and sexist comments. In one of these sequences, she reads a postcard sent by one of the viewers on the back of which appears a chimpanzee. “Oh, it’s you in the picture Pépit ‘on the postcard”, then launches the Voice off, eliciting laughter from the audience. “It is by dint of eating bananas,” adds a male voice on stage.

“Hallucinating and uplifting”

More than twenty-five years after their release, these extracts have stunned Internet users. “Sexism and racism uninhibited at noon. Mind-blowing and uplifting, ”wrote a journalist on Twitter. ” I am speechless. And suddenly there I want to take her in my arms ”, reacts the journalist Aïda Touirhi. “I just came across the Pyramide archives in # Canap95: the shock, between sexism and racism towards Pepita. And to think that at the time we all watched without being shocked, ”also notes a user.

Interviewed by 20 Minutes on the concept of Sofa 95, Etienne Carbonnier explained the point of view adopted by his new program: “In Daily, we are working on 2021 shows and society. The idea was to do the same by taking all the 1995 shows and trying to decipher them. We wanted that by watching the show the public would realize the time without, as I say at the beginning, judging or saying that everything was better before. It is about giving an account of the time. We tried to take the iconic things. We watched hundreds of hours of rushes. “

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